A bitsy game made in a few days for the Bored Pixels Jam hosted by artsybarrels! Thank you for letting me be a part of this.

This is a light-hearted game about missing your girlfriend and looking at stars.

Please interact with everything in order to understand the story. Some things can be interacted with more than once for additional dialogue.

LGBT themes are present in the game. There are no content warnings.

Bitsy is made by Adam Le Doux.

Palettsy is made by Sarah Gould.

Besides using those tools, everything was made by myself.


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Very relatable story. "Organic sparkles" sounds like a good idea to attract people to the wonders of recycling! =)


I think so too! If only there was a way to put it in place! :D Thank you for your comment! 

"Sapphic Sapphire Dreams. A novel by Ruby."

Was that a Steven Universe reference just now? Hahahaha

I love your NPCs by the way!

This was such a nice little game. I love how you interpreted the theme. I'm looking forward for more games from you :D


I'm glad you got the reference! Haha. :D

My favorite part of any game is seeing what NPCs have for dialogue and interacting with them. I'm glad you like them, it feels nice to create something! 

I can't wait to continue making games. Bitsy is my favorite game maker so far.